Roads Towards a Sweet Office X-mas Party Success

Even though there are still a couple of weeks to go until Christmas, things are starting to heat up. And rightfully so, since all those who wish to arrange yet another unforgettable and original Christmas party need to start preparing on time. Office parties are often substantially different to those enjoyed at home and if you are the person in charge this year, you surely wish to impress everyone and continue the tradition from the previous years. These are the roads that lead to organizing a truly successful office party.  

Start early

Even though Christmas seems far away, starting early is a clear advantage. First of all, you will have a larger choice of possible venues and not end up having a party in a remote shabby pub no one knows how to get to. You will have more catering and band or DJ options and you will be able to reserve them at a better price. Finally, you will be able to inform all the guests about the venue and content of the party early, which is of utmost importance if you plan a theme party, thus allowing them to prepare for it on time.

Pick an outstanding venue

The one thing you can be absolutely certain in is that nobody wants to have a Christmas party at the office. Paper cups and glasses, the everyday setting of the four walls all of you know every corner of can only turn into a sad and dull gathering. Take your party into one of outstanding venues and you will do more than half of the work in organizing an unforgettable evening. The guest will be immediately impressed and everything that follows will be just the icing on the cake.

Make it a theme night

A theme gives a special touch to any party, no doubt about it. But, which to choose out of the plentitude of possibilities? A change of a setting, like the special venue you chose, simply evokes a change of an outfit and mindset. Let the venue itself inspire you when the choice of theme is concerned. For example, a castle like setting goes hand in hand with royal Christmas, modern interior bar sounds like a futuristic outfit, while an Italian restaurant screams roaring 20s or sailor apparel. Whichever you choose, make sure you let the guests know immediately to allow them enough time to prepare adequately.

Food and drinks

Apart from choosing a perfect venue and getting the theme right, you need a wide selection of food and beverages if you want people to stay long. The best way to make sure no one will be let down is to conduct a survey and chose the best common denominator from the data you obtain. Apart from the variety of choice, the convenience of use is also important when food is concerned. A buffet proved to be the most convenient when large groups of people are concerned. Finally, make sure there is enough food throughout the party; drinks will be flowing and you want everyone to end the party standing.


Nothing beats hiring a live bend to entertain the guests at parties. If the budget allows you to hire one, make sure you pick the one that has a varied repertoire that covers the prevailing taste in music at your office. On the other hand, if the budget is tight or it is impossible to cover all music preferences, a DJ would be a better choice. On the other hand, you can once again let the venue dictate the music background. Finally, make sure the music is not too loud and that it makes occasional breaks. People should be able to have a conversation during the party, as well, and if you pump the volume to high, they will get tired of it very soon and leave earlier.

Taking care of all these things guarantees that you will host a perfect Christmas party. Still, play it smart and leave at least some room for improvement. You will surely be asked to throw another the following year and expected to top the previous one at least a bit.

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