Realtor’s Website: Smart Strategies for Improving Conversions

Converting your website visitors to leads should be one of your primary business goals at all times. In the end, it is the only way to grow your business and make more money. But people are often confused about which strategies to use in order to get more leads. Here are the five universal strategies to help realtors improve conversions.

Provide all necessary information and details

Your website, especially the home page, has to include a lot of valuable information for your potential clients. So, what do people want to see on a real estate website? First of all, they want to research locations, neighborhoods, and properties. It is a big plus if you can provide a virtual tour on a few spots. Listings are also welcome, as well as your personal info. At the end of each page, it is great to have a footer. It should contain testimonials, guides, blogs, social media links, and other valuable site resources. 

Implement IDX to capture leads

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a site that enables real estate property search. Such a site allows the public to conduct all searches and listing properties in a particular area. Having all vital listing information and images is very helpful for buyers who search for real estate websites. When potential buyers find your website, the first thing they want to see is your reputation and trustworthiness. After that, they will start looking at pictures. Therefore, implementing an IDX plugin will make your website look professional, and people will, most likely, stay and research the options you offer.

Local SERP positioning

The local search engine results page (SERP) plays a vital role in real estate and home improvement businesses. It provides users with information on local companies and businesses within this industry. Information and details about your website, such as URL, heading, etc. are collected from your page, and people will get a quick profile of your business. Therefore, you should do everything you can to improve the visibility and ranking in local SERPs. 

There are various on-page and off-site factors you have to take care of – keywords, site structure, tags, and, most importantly, the number of internal and external links. If you are not so familiar with this part of SEO, be sure to check some actionable link building guides for real estate websites. Learning the basics of link building tactics and competitor’s research is vital in almost every industry. In the end, you can always hire a few experts or an SEO company to help you with this part of the business.

Build a reputation and trust

Your website is there to provide an excellent first impression to your potential clients. Hence, it has to look professional and provide all the information. The design is one of the most significant segments – it has to be visually appealing with an attractive layout. Also, modern business requires you to have a mobile-friendly site since more people nowadays access the internet on their phones than via PC. 

Besides, for building the reputation, you need to include testimonials from great clients, if possible. Since the content is king, as marketers like to say, you need to provide excellent, original content on every page, especially in blog posts. And finally, you should be active on all major social media channels. Create engaging posts regularly and try to include videos and infographics as much as possible.

Property information

You don’t need much time (only a few seconds) to capture web visitors’ attention. If you don’t buy them instantly, they will, most likely, click the back button. So, what’s the thing that potential buyers want to see when they reach your website? Photos and property information, of course! Therefore, your goal is to put all those best photos in front of their eyes when they come to your website. Choose the best ones you can, and add all crucial information about your business and properties. High-quality photos are mandatory, and if you can implement excellent videos as well, your chances of getting prospects to stay on your site will be much higher.

If you want your real estate business to stay dynamic and exciting, you have to pick the right strategies for improving conversions. It is the only way to stay ahead of your competition for a long time. 

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