Outside-the-Box Strategies for Attracting Clients to a Language School

As an owner of a language school, you might struggle with attracting more clients. To overcome such a problem, you have to think outside the box. Or, in other words, to think about something that will separate your school from competition. In this article, we will show you four unique strategies that might help you attract more clients to your language school.

Unorthodox room design

The very first thing that should cross your mind is the design. People love to spend time in creative places, and that is precisely the reason why they can choose your school over the other ones. So, what are your options? First of all, each classroom should be dedicated to only one language. Then, use your imagination and creativity and design every room in the colors of a particular country. Also, implement other cultural symbols, such as songs, paintings, or even animals, are connected to the country and the language you speak in that classroom.

Photograph wallpapers are always welcome since they can create a feeling of traveling through space and time. Therefore, do everything you can to make that room look magnificent – color the walls, floors, and cushions, and make use of some exciting toys.

Phonics courses

Phonics is an excellent method of teaching kids sounds made by letters or letter groups. When kids merge them, they form words and learn the basics of a language. Fortunately, teachers throughout the world are aware of the importance of phonics for kids, and many schools offer properly tailored courses in this field.

However, schools in your area might not practice phonics with students that much. If that is the case, you should take advantage of that. Start these courses, promote them on your website and social media, and (practically) steal clients from your competition. Make sure to design your phonics courses in stages since it is a lot easier that way, especially for kids. By the end of the course, your students should be able to read fluently and pronounce complex words.

Be creative on your social media channels

Social media means a lot to modern businesses in various industries. Language schools are no exception. There are so many exciting things you can do every day to promote your school on social media channels. First of all, your goal is to engage your audience and encourage them to attend a course at your school. To achieve that, you can’t just post regular stuff. Instead, be more original and authentic.

For instance, post something about audience-related news or student testimonials. Contests, quizzes, and giveaways are also excellent ways of creating engagement. But, before that, try to improve the content on your website. Specifically, make it more appealing and align it with your audience’s interests and goals.

Create entertaining quizzes with rewards

And finally, maybe the most interesting way of attracting new students to your school is to create quizzes with rewards. When you decide to organize a quiz, choose the date and time, and promote it online through ads and social media. For instance, a winner or finalist gets free courses in English or any other language. Sounds exciting, right? However, the benefits of such an event are much more significant.

People will come to your school to see the atmosphere, and even if they don’t win, they might decide to attend a course. Also, they will talk about it with their friends. You should never underestimate word-of-mouth marketing.

Thinking outside of the box is necessary for every business. Customers won’t choose you over other schools unless you provide something truly unique. Using some of these strategies can boost your business and attract more students.


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