Onsite SEO Audit Done Right

Your site is performing badly or not showing in search results in spite of all your marketing efforts?
This calls for a technical SEO audit.

If your site is not yielding the expected results even with advanced content and offsite SEO strategies, it’s most likely because certain technical issues are impeding its progress. As only a properly built site can perform well, you have to sure that each and every element is optimized to fully meet Google’s established criteria. This is where SPREAD THE WORD SOLUTIONS steps in as you trustworthy and knowledgeable SEO partner.

What Is Technical Onsite SEO Audit?

Building a good reputation among search engines doesn’t depend exclusively on your offsite SEO efforts as link building, as technical properties of your website also affect your performance in search results. For this reason, it is tremendously important that all the SEO-related technicalities are in place for the optimal efficiency of your campaign.

We can divide these technical details into three basic segments:

  • Technical analysis (code efficiency, page load time, indexing issues, crawl rank)
  • Website fixes (404 errors, 301 redirects, improper canonicalization)
  • Search friendliness review (keyword distribution, page/post descriptions and meta tags, title and alt tags, meta data optimization, content optimization…)

How To Achieve Better Search Result With Onsite SEO

All the before mentioned technical elements might seem insignificant at first, but soon they start affecting your site’s search performance. This is reason for this is actually quite simple: search engines like to see web pages with optimized content, well-organized page elements and clean code. The absence of any of these features may results in your pages being positioned lower in search, especially for highly competitive keywords.

Unlike other strategies that are oriented towards users, technical onsite SEO audit places the focus on search engines to make sure that your site looks and performs well. Together with unique, relevant content that provides visitors with real value, technical SEO is all important if you want Google to love your site. If you have any misgivings regarding these technical details, we can perform comprehensive, objective analysis of the existing state of your website and offer specific suggestions for improvements.

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