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Hints on Hosting a Truly Engaging Business Conference

Hosting anything is an overwhelming responsibility, let alone something as serious as a business conference. Therefore, it is perfectly understandable that you feel pressured and anxious about whether you will be able to cover everything that a successful business conference should. These hints will enable you to host a truly engaging business conference that covers all the material in a productive, and at the same time interesting, manner.

Opt for an inspiring venue

If the location of the business conference is inadequate and uninspiring, the chances that the conference will be engaging are close to those of winning a lottery. You need a place that will inspire your attendees to visit and spend time there, a location that is both highly representative and meets all the requirements of a successful business conference. This includes an exemplary conference establishment as well as technical and organizational capacity to welcome all your guests.

Prepare the venue

Even the most attractive venues need to be prepared for a business conference. Luckily, the majority of such venues do not leave anything to chance – just like you shouldn’t – and will appoint a representative to assist you in checking all the rooms that will be used and help with any other issues that may arise. This includes assisting in planning the schedule, making sure that all technological requirements are met and making sure that there is a sufficient number of chairs for all the attendees, as well as reserving the parking space for them.

And if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated space at your business premises that could serve as an in-house conference venue, this could only make organising the entire event easier and more cost-effective. Equipping this space with a HD LED project, a potent surround sounds system and custom cinema seating will not only allow the members of your personnel to deliver a powerful, captivating conference, but it can also be used a splendid entertainment space once the event is successfully completed.

business conference

Use the technology

Business conferences that are solely based on speakers have a strong tendency of becoming dull regardless of the quality of the speech they deliver. The key to engaging conference lies in dynamics. Include a video conference call from a guest speaker and additional video presentations between the present speakers to shift the focus of the attendees and keep them active and engaged throughout the entire conference.

Make a detailed and precise schedule

Having a clear agenda helps both you and your guests. It helps you keep things under control easier and at the same time keeps the guests more attentive and organised. Make sure you include sufficient number of breaks to allow you enough time to prepare for the next event and everyone else to rest before the next session begins. Naturally, distribute the agenda as early in advance as possible in order for everyone to familiarize with it.

Food and beverages

Food and beverages play an important role in the success of a business conference, particularly if you have visitors traveling long distances. Tea, coffee and water as basic and universally consumed refreshments, and they should be provided at all times. When the choice of meals and drinks is concerned, if there are no budget concerns make a survey of what your attendees prefer. A buffet catering is usually the safest and most convenient option for group events. Plus, it allows people to mingle further during lunch break which adds to the engagement factor of your business conference as well.


Everyone will need a break after the conference is over. Taking everyone out for drinks very often proves to be risky and complicated. Instead, hire a band or a DJ and have a farewell party at the venue. Make sure that the music played is universal and the quantity of snacks and drinks ample. A successful party after a well delivered business conference guarantees that the entire event will be remembered and praised. And if you have the in-house theatre that we talked about earlier, you can even organise a movie projections.

Covering all these steps guarantees an engaging business conference. Do not forget to start planning in time and stay on top of things at all times, including the party. Enjoy the praises you will get afterwards and do take a short break after everything is finally over. You definitely deserve it.


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