Backlink Analysis & Risk Assessment: Building A Spotless Link Portfolio

Backlinks are the mainstay of your company’s online presence. We know how to polish your backlink portfolio.

The Way Google Sees It

Where and how your brand is mentioned online matters not only to your site’s visitors but also to Google’s crawlers. As a matter of fact, your website’s backlink portfolio is among the key metrics Google uses to define the value of your website. For this reason, performing regular backlink analysis is essential for knowing exactly where, when and how mentions of your brand emerge online.

Eliminating Irrelevant And Spammy Links

Each and every link pointing to your site can make a difference for your online presence, which is why it is of paramount importance to have only quality websites and pages in your backlink profile and get rid of those that don’t add value and can do you harm.

Backlink Analysis Explaind

Backlink analysis is a process of examining all the links pointing to your organization’s website based on specific, multiple criteria that define if a backlink is relevant or if it can hurt your online reputation. Simply put, quality backlinks are those that point to the appropriate content on your website from relevant websites in a natural way. Therefore, proper backlink analysis should review:

  • All the links pointing to your domain
  • All the unique domains mentioning your website
  • Anchor texts
  • Target URLs
  • Page quality (keyword distribution, page performance review and page authority)

Evaluation of all these factors makes it easy to pinpoint risky and otherwise harmful backlinks that can hurt your profile. Backlink risk assessment is a separate process that identifies domains from which you should remove links to your website, and suggests proper replacements for them.

Improved Website Performance

It goes without saying that creating fresh, engaging, relevant content on a regular basis is of utmost importance for great search rankings, and your backlink structure is one of the strongest signals Google considers when determining when and where to display your website’s pages in search.

In most cases, webmasters are unable to control all the mentions of their brand. As monitoring these can certainly help you boost your website’s performance, timely identification of low-quality links and momentary reaction to them, it is often smarter to leave these activities to genuine pros in this field.

The Way We Do It

Our dedicated team combines the power of cutting-edge software solutions with creativity and expertise to tell you exactly where the bad links are and what to do about them. We honestly advise all our clients to get rid of the unnecessary references to maintain the online reputation.

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